Fraunhofer IAO organizes workshops on the topic of "Robots in Ulm".

New impulses and exciting ideas for the user-oriented design of robots for use in Ulm are the result of four co-creation workshops organized by Fraunhofer IAO.

Service robots should be accepted in the long term and their interaction behavior understood. To achieve this, users must be involved in the development and design of the robots at an early stage. In the ZEN-MRI project, the User Experience team of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) contributes its application-oriented research expertise on human-centered design of human-robot interaction. It has now held two days of co-creation workshops on the topic of “Robots in Ulm” on the premises of the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG).

Impulses for robot design

Almost 30 participants were recruited for the four workshops and helped to design future tasks and functions of robots for the city center of Ulm in a user-oriented way. They all feel connected to the city in different ways, for example because they live or work there. In the participation workshops, the participants used a variety of science-based creative methods to develop exciting ideas and impulses for the user-oriented design of robots for use in Ulm. They also had the opportunity to experience robots from Adlatus up close.

Participants show great interest

Now a possible implementation is to be discussed and further elaborated with the project partners, which include the University of Ulm and the City of Ulm. The Fraunhofer IAO team, which was at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) in Ulm on both days, is pleased with the great interest of the participants and their willingness to share their ideas and visions for the requirements of robots in Ulm. For this effort and the provision of the premises of the Foundation University of Design, Fraunhofer IAO would like to thank them.
There will also be further workshops in the future, which will be announced promptly on the website. Participants for upcoming studies in the framework are always welcome. If you are interested in supporting the scientific research of ZEN-MRI, you can easily register and get more information at the following link: https://www.unipark.de/uc/zen-mri.