Innovation connects

The ZEN-MRI project is united by the idea of innovation across the consortium. This was also the focus of the meeting of the UIm working group for innovation management.

ZEN-MRI makes it possible to gain tangible insights into human-robot interaction under real-life conditions in Ulm’s city centre. The robots from our consortium partner ADLATUS Robotics GmbH will be driving in public places in Ulm. However, they are already in daily use for the Ulm car park operating company in its multi-storey car parks.

At a meeting of the Ulm working group for innovation management in car park level 4 of the multi-storey car park at the train station in Ulm, PBG gave participants a live demonstration of the autonomous cleaning robots. The participants were able to see the SR1300 autonomous vacuum sweeper robot in the multi-storey car park and the CR700C in the station passage, which PBG uses as an early adopter for autonomous cleaning, at work. In this context, ADLATUS Robotics GmbH presented its journey from start-up to innovation leader for industrial floor cleaning robot systems.

Change of perspective and new impulses

This was followed by a lively exchange on the opportunities and challenges of automated cleaning in public spaces – a topic that unites the interest in technology and innovation of the members of the working group for innovation management from the fields of industry, higher education and services. The participants used the subsequent get-together for stimulating discussions, changes of perspective and food for thought, which in the ZEN-MRI project represent important impulses for the seamless integration of robots into public spaces.